October 7, 2019

Eliminating Harmful Toxins Through Sweat

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This video (@ IMMH 2017) is AMAZING. It’s long, but SO compelling and SO worth the time. The highlights I share (below) are just the tip of the iceberg. Please watch to learn all of the fascinating details & results of his studies.

I had already bought my sauna before I had ever even heard of Dr. Stephen Genuis (Environmental Medicine Specialist), but this video is where I first discovered the remarkable study on Dementia & Alzheimer’s-- the #1 reason I decided to sell Infrared Saunas.

Why the Dramatic Increase in Chronic, and often Multi-System, Illnesses?

Social factors, sure.

And yes, of course genetics plays a role. However, genes can largely be controlled by lifestyle factors.

Nutritional deficiencies are rampant and this is definitely an issue. Specifically, Magnesium, Vitamin D, and essential fatty acid deficiencies are very common, as well as a whacked-out microbiome (gut health)-- all contributing factors.

But the largest contributor to our declining health--according to Dr. Genuis' research--is exposure to Environmental Toxins (chemical & electrical).

Important to Know:

  • Dr. Genuis' tests on infant cord blood revealed at least 200 different chemicals at birth.
  • Blood and urine tests grossly underestimate the amount of toxic burden in the body.
  • The body stores persistent toxins in tissues to protect the body. (This is why blood and urine tests are not an accurate picture of the body's toxic load. We’d have even bigger issues if all of these toxins were freely flowing through our blood!)
  • Many current health issues are studied & treated as a single health issue when often the actual cause is chemical toxic burden. (See list below)
  • Treating the current symptoms is often necessary to minimize suffering, but finding and treating The Cause is what leads to sustained health improvements.
  • The body can heal & repair itself when given the proper environment.

And toxic overload can lead to health issues such as:

  • Mitochondrial damage (common symptoms include fatigue, muscle weakness [myopathy], peripheral neuropathy, and pancreatitis)
  • Microbiome damage
  • Immune dysfunction
  • Endocrine dysfunction (hormonal issues and diseases like breast & prostate cancer, infertility, etc)
  • Inflammation
  • Neurological issues 

Did You Know?

  • The AIR we breathe is the largest source of toxic chemicals. (Was news to me!)
  • Our cars are one of the biggest culprits of toxic air. We breathe exhaust, as well as all kinds of engine chemicals, filtering directly into the enclosed cabin when we use our AC or heaters.
  • It is incredibly important for food, water, and toiletries to be as clean as possible-- it ALL adds up. But it's important to realize... we are constantly breathing and we would do well to purify our air as much as possible.

How to Remove Toxic Burden

  • Find toxicant sources to reduce or eliminate further exposure. *Assess your lifestyle, home & work environments. Where are the toxins coming from (chemicals in air, food, water, toiletries, cleaning supplies, etc.) ?*
  • Put a HEPA filter in your car.
  • Make sure there is no interference in your body’s intrinsic detoxification ability. (Test your liver & kidney function)
  • Include detoxification nutrients in your diet, such as Glutathione & Taurine.
  • Pursue interventions to remove toxins.
    • Induced perspiration via Sweat/Sauna use is highly advised:

Induced perspiration via Sweat/Sauna use is Dr. Genuis' focus/research and he’s studied almost every modality under the sun! Really, really amazing, this sweat stuff!

A few relevant quotes from the video:

  • "Induced perspiration in a sauna can be used as a modality to diminish many chemical agents in the body."
  • Of the multitudes of chemicals he studied-- from various heavy metals to plasticizers to PCBs-- the only category that he didn’t find in sweat was PFCs (Perfluorinated chemicals).
  • "What we do know is that this [induced perspiration in sauna] is a very effective clinical intervention that I believe should be used routinely as part of a lifestyle of detoxification because we're all exposed--no matter how hard you try."
  • "If you do this [sauna therapy] on a regular basis, you're taking your burden down little by little every day."
  • "Sauna therapy should be considered cumulatively as a potential clinical modality to diminish body burdens of many xenobiotics."
  • “Incredible as a preventative, as well as a therapeutic intervention.”
  • “The effects are cumulative AND for multiple chemicals, not just one.”
  • Sweat Therapy is an evidence-based, scientific strategy for elimination of most ( but not ALL) toxicants.

*Dr. Genuis is a huge advocate for the use of sweat therapy before getting pregnant to prevent issues in babies and children. I think it’s a FANTASTIC plan!*

Dr. Genuis' Conclusion:

“I believe that sweating is a nature-designed intervention for us to dump toxicants and for us to heal and repair. And I believe it should be up there with exercise as something that should be part of our lifestyles. And that we should be recommending it to patients, there is abundant evidence now, and I think it’s an incredible gift that we have this natural, non-toxic intervention, that can be used effectively, to make a difference in pre-conception phases, throughout life, and for our children, to diminish the etiological cause of so much chronic illness."

NOTE: Dr. Genuis’ presentation addressed toxins & detoxification-- the focus of his research. So, it’s important to note that Infrared saunas offer many other significant, clinically-proven benefits aside from its amazing detoxification abilities.

Infrared works at the cellular level, with proven efficacy on a broad spectrum of health issues, such as:

  • Stress reduction & Parasympathetic Tone.
  • Vasodilation (widening of the blood vessels that allows for increased blood flow).
  • Major cardiovascular benefits: healthy blood pressure,decreased heart rate, reduced risk of stroke & heart attack.
  • Increased circulation & oxygenated blood distribution throughout the body.
  • Lymphatic system stimulation
  • Inflammation reduction.

So, get in that sauna!! And please contact me if you have any questions OR if you'd like help finding a Jacuzzi Sauna® made by Clearlight Infrared ™ to try in your area. I'm beyond happy to help!

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